Upcoming Talks

Oct 10-12: Trinity International University, IL—Touchstone, "Fight or Flight? The Benedict & Other Options for Facing the World, the Flesh & the Devil"


Nov 1-2: Bethesda, MD—Doxacon


Nov 9: Lafayette, LA


Jan 16: Hartford, CT—Legatus

"When I first saw Rembrandt’s Prodigal Son, I could never have dreamt that becoming the repentant son was only a step on the way to becoming the welcoming father. I see now that the hands that for- give, console, heal, and offer a festive meal must become my own." — Fr. Henri Nouwen, The Return of the Prodigal Son

"The 'world out there' doesn’t want men to dance together or gather in the local parks and sing in harmony ’round kegs of beer. That which, in a less constricted but better ordered society, is emblematic of peace and good- will, is likely to be regarded as disturbing the peace in our own." — Ray Oldenburg, The Great Good Place

"An intellectual heresy can be met by the weapons of the intellect; a moral protest, such as that of the Waldenses, can only be met by a rival moral protest within the Church itself. [...] It was not only the learning of the [Dominican] Friars, but their poverty, their chastity, the simplicity of their lives and manners, that saved Europe for the faith." — Ronald Knox, Captive Flames: On Selected Saints and Christian Heroes