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Building the Benedict Option:

A guide to gathering two or three together in His name

Rod Dreher, author ofThe Benedict Option

"Like the Rule of St. Benedict, Leah’s wisdom is of the everyday kind, a sort so plain that it’s easy to overlook. To read this book is not just to encounter good ideas, but also to awaken to one’s own gifts for hospitality and community-building."

Catherine Addington, Essayist

"As a single grad student in an isolating environment where most of my friends are below the poverty line, I really needed this practical, adaptable guide to building community while facing exactly those challenges."

Hallie Lord, author of On the Other Side of Fear

“This book is an antidote to the isolated, disconnected culture that surrounds
us today. Leah Libresco shows us that changing the world can start with something as simple as opening the doors of your home.”

Steven Christoforou, Director of Youth and
Young Adult Ministries, Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America

“A deeply vulnerable and refreshingly hopeful account of striving to live an authentically Christian life. Reading it filled me with joy and a longing to experience the Kingdom in thicker, more intentional Christian community."

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